Leverage funding options through memberships, sponsors and/or our parent company World Wide ERA to help supply performance enhancing technologies to employees, players, coaches, teams and organizations.


    What is peak performance worth PER Individual/Employee/Athlete/Coach? $50, $100, $200+ annually?


    Our 3 funding options include:

    1. Membership Funding
    2. Organization Network Funding
    3. WWERA Funding 

    Contact us below to learn how you, your organization and/or team can benefit from our funding options!

    Option #1

    Membership Funding

    Membership discounts and strategies to help meet annual budget needs.

    Option #2

    Organization Network Funding

    Solutions and strategies for partner organizations to help meet annual budget needs.

    Option #3

    WWERA Funding

    The WWERA "Give Back P3 Plan" is a win-win strategy helping to generate cash flow for those in need of funding.

    • Increase in total $$$ raised annually helping to meet budget needs
    • Increase in # of donors/sponsors
    • Help the local businesses/organizations that want to help you
    • Improve donor/sponsor retention annually