"Assessing and Measuring" human performance is important because it gives you the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses helping to determine how to properly implement solutions to improve individual daily performance, workplace productivity and/or athletic performance.


    Options for assessing and measuring include the following:

    1. RC21X/Roberto
    2. Neurofeedback
    3. Plantiga

    Option #1 - RC21X/Roberto

    How strong is your brain performance?

    Only platform focused on regularly measuring and assessing human performance. Results are available on demand and in real time.


    For wellness and performance programs, Roberto brings objective data that can be incorporated into existing plans to help assess value and overall plan performance.

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    Option #2 - Neurofeedback

    qEEG Brain Mapping

    Utilize brain mapping and Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) to measure changes in brain function over time.


    Brain waves can reveal important information about your overall brain function, including stress levels, thought patterns, and emotions. A qEEG can reveal brain wave patterns that are associated with impulsivity, cognitive inflexibility, anxiety, and other symptoms.


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    Option #3 - Plantiga

    Human Movement Intelligence

    All of our recovery, health and fitness intelligence models are built upon the metrics our sensor insoles produce. Based on these metrics, and the changes in their patterns, we work to predict an event or forecast an outcome based on the data we have.


    Powered by artificial intelligence, these metrics feed our analytics machine and drive deep insights into human movement.


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