• Healthcare Practitioners

    As a registered practitioner, our recommended solutions and strategies optimize cash flow and patient outcomes which can lead to increased revenues, faster recoveries, more referrals and a greater community impact.
    1. Optimize Operating Expenses - Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Lower Operating Expenses.
    2. Optimize Patient ROI - Cutting Edge Technologies Helping to Improve Patient Care & ROI.
    3. Optimize Revenues - Improve Organization Cash Flow & Community Impact.
    Partnering with us provides a new way to optimize cash flow while helping more people and extending your services beyond the walls of your clinic, allowing you to offer the next-level of care to your patients through proprietary, exclusive and scientifically-proven solutions. With no upfront cost, our exclusive expense management and patient ROI optimization strategies teach organizations how to work smarter leading to a significant increase in cash flow.
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    Step 1 - Optimize Operating Expenses

    Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Lower Operating Expenses

    World Wide Expense Reduction Advisors (WWERA), our parent company, specializes in customized "Peak Performance Plans" helping to enhance employee benfits and increase cash flow while protecting organizations from a financial disaster. Discover savings that you never knew existed. With no upfront cost, our exclusive expense management optimization strategies teach organizations how to work smarter leading to a significant increase in cash flow.


    Big or small, we more than likely have a solution for you.

  • Step 2 - Optimize Patient ROI

    Heart Health Optimization


    GlycoCheck™ is a pioneering all-in-one video microscope and software solution. It’s a unique asset for automated video analysis of the microvascular system. This new technology reveals the rest of the story of how disease begins by enabling you to more deeply peer inside microvascular networks.


    GlycoCheck quantifies capillary density, capillary blood volume, blood flow and red cell velocity, and endothelial glycocalyx function with non-invasive technology. GlycoCheck creates a single overall health score that quantifies the differences between a healthy and unhealthy circulatory system due to deterioration of the endothelial glycocalyx. All raw data can be exported, including videos, for further detailed analysis.


    GlycoCheck is an all-in-one digital video microscope camera, dedicated computer system, and patented glycocalyx measurement software system that calculates a MicroVascular Health Score™.


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    Brain Health Optimization

    VoxxLife Practitioner Program

    Our neuro optimization partner, VoxxLife, was founded to serve one purpose: to provide a natural, drug-free way of improving our customer's qualify of life to achieve their true potential.


    All VoxxLife products incorporate our proprietary, exclusive and scientifically-proven Human Performance Technology (HPT). Woven or molded into our products, HPT naturally stimulates neuroreceptors in your body to:

    • Reduce Pain
    • Increase Energy
    • Increase Strength and Endurance
    • Increase Stability and Balance
    • Increase Range of Motion
    • Improve Reaction Time

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    Brain Health Acceleration

    ARPNeuro Therapy - RX100

    The ARPneuro RX100 is an FDA-cleared, Class 2 medical device that introduces electrical signals to the body's soft tissue through conductive electrode pads to provide therapeutic treatment, accelerated recovery, and pain relief.


    Our documented results, as evidenced by our many testimonials and endorsements, creates zealous patient ambassadors, who in turn become powerful referral sources. With unmatched patient outcomes and the potential for location exclusivity, ARPneuro Therapy offers your practice a meaningful edge over your competition.


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  • Step 3 - Optimize Revenues

    Improve Organization Cash Flow & Community Impact.

    1. Establish Financial Goals.
    2. Optimize Fundraising and Sponsorship Opportunities
    3. Implement Sustainability Plan 

    The NeuroP3 Practitioner Programs helps practices generate immediate cash flow while implementing a long-term sustainability plan that increases year over year.