• Glycocheck & Endocalyx - Heart Health Optimization

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    Researchers and Physicians Can Now Quantify:
    • Capillary Density
    • Capillary Blood Volume
    • Blood Flow and Red Cell Velocity
    • Endothelial Glycocalyx Function
    Why is this important?
    • Heart disease remains the number 1 killer at the global level for the last 20 years.
    • High blood pressure will kill more people, including more young people, than Covid-19 (and, in usual years, more than all other infectious diseases combined). High blood pressure can be prevented.
    • Sudden cardiac death is often a women’s first sign of heart disease
    Areas of Expertise:
    1. Optimize Glyxocalyx - Endocalyx Vascular Health
    2. GlycoCheck Analysis - Analyzes Glycocalyx, Endothelium & Capillary Function
    Our solutions are 100% effective and measurable!

    Step 1 - Endocalyx Vascular Health

    Endocalyx™ is the only proprietary, patented anti-aging supplement that has been clinically shown to maintain a healthy glycocalyx.


    Endocalyx is clinically shown to repair damage in the arteries and veins, and most importantly, your body’s microscopic capillaries, offering you 100% support of your vascular system. Endocalyx is patented, so there is no other product exactly like it. Endocalyx is made from highly concentrated extracts of seven natural ingredients that can restore, regenerate and protect your glycocalyx and microvascular system.


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    Step 2 - GlycoCheck Analysis

    Analyzes Glycocalyx, Endothelium, & Capillary Function

    GlycoCheck is a non-invasive test. A video microscope camera is placed under the tongue showing live movement of red blood cells as they travel through microvessels. GlycoCheck measures and analyzes microvascular health, and objectively reports a MicroVascular Health Score (MVHS). Lower scores are linked to:

    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Heart Disease
    • Kidney Disease
    • Stroke
    • Septic Shock
    • Inflammatory Disorders
    • Compromised Immunity
    • Cancer Metastasis
    • Dementia
    GlycoCheck is the only system that allows researchers to unravel the mysteries of microcirculation and how its breakdown contributes to the development of various diseases.
    GlycoCheck is available to all types of practitioners. Contact us below to learn about pricing and how to reserve your system with no upfront cost.
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