• FUNDING Assistance - FUNDRAISING, SPONSORSHIP & Donor Optimization

    Leverage fundraising and sponsorship optimimzation strategies to help supply NeuroP3 technologies to athletes, coaches, employees, teams, organizations and families helping them reach their full potential.


    What is "Peak Performance" worth PER Individual/Athlete/Coach/Employee annually?


    Our 3-step process includes:

    1. Identify Financial Goals (Short-term & Long-term)
    2. NeuroP3 Fundraising Platform powered by greenback.
    3. Prequalify for NeuroP3 Sponsorship Program

    Challenges/Problems We Solve:

    • Short-term and Long-term Funding Needs
    • Fundraising Optimization
    • Sponsorship Optimization
    • Donors
    • Expand Reach
    • Winning %

    Contact us below to learn how you, your organization and/or team can benefit from our optimization strategies!

    Step 1 - Identify Finanical Goals

    Identify your short-term and long-term financial goals. Leverage our fundraising and sponsorship optimiztaion strategies to meet your annual goals and help your organization reach your full potential.

    Step 2 - NeuroP3 Fundraising Platform

    Powered by greenback

    What makes greenback unique? greenback unites members, providers, and causes into a nationwide savings program, bringing benefit to everyone.


    "Bringing benefit to everyone"


    Learn how you can raise $300 per person in less than 30 days.


    Contact us directly below to learn more.

    Step 3 - NeuroP3 Sponsorship Program

    The NeuroP3 Sponsorship Program is a win-win-win strategy helping to generate consistent, long-term funding for those in need.

    • Increase in total $$$ raised annually helping to meet budget needs
    • Increase in # of donors/sponsors
    • Help the local businesses/organizations that want to help you
    • Improve donor/sponsor retention annually
    • Expand reach
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